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Welcome! My name is Galit Sharon. I have more than a decade's experience as a professional esthetician.

For me, the world of beauty treatments is another dimension of art, which means that personal touch is the main element of success. All my treatments are designed to meet your specific needs. You are always the focus.


I combine all my areas of expertise with my belief that every person is different, and everyone's body needs individualized treatment to meet their skin and body's special needs. Customized treatments are like a tailored suit - each one is fitted to you to provide you with the optimal results, both on the inside and the outside.

I constantly work to expand my repertoire provide the best experience for my clients. The field of cosmetology is always evolving. I take professional courses on a regular basis and I'm always working toward new professional certifications.    

I use the highest quality products from a variety of leading firms, and make a personal selection of products for each client based on what will give them the best results.

When the right products meet the right skin, magic happens. 

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